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        2018年12月英语六级作文答案:试卷一 学业与课外

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        For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on how to balance academic study and extracurricular activities。 You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words。

        It is generally agreed that academic study has been playing a crucial role in students’ life。 Nevertheless, we should not neglect the equal importance of extracurricular activities which can help us to build confidence and enhance overall abilities。

        A number of factors might account for participating in both academic study and extracurricular activities。 With respect to academic study, one of the most common factors is to facilitate our academic competence。 There’s no doubt that study is the priority to students, and the academic performance, to a large extent, determines whether we can enter a prestigious school and get a decent job。 As for extracurricular activities, it is worth mentioning that it can supplement what we cannot learn from schools,

        such as the ability of critical thinking, problem-solving and addressing interpersonal relationship。

        In view of how to balance academic study and extracurricular activities, effective measures should be taken into consideration。 In my perspective, the most useful technique is to promote our efficiency。 Only if can we manage our time well, we can have more time to do the both things。 To be more specific, a to-do list is highly recommended so that we can draw a clear picture of what we are going to do and distribute time to academic study and extracurricular activities in a more effective and balanced way。 With the efforts concerned, the imbalance will no longer be a problem


        How to balance study and extracurricular activities

        Striking a balance between academic study and extracurricular activities never proves easy. Only by sparing no effort in your academic study can you graduate smoothly and kick off a decent life because this is where your proficiency and technique come from, but this doesn’t mean spending all your time at desk. Taking part in diverse extracurricular activities is also indispensable, for they may bring many possibilities as well.

        As far as I am concerned, activities such as reading, hiking, mountain-climbing and baking cookies enable you to refresh from piles of textbooks and essay papers, and they cultivate important qualities like analytical abilities and persistence as well. Additionally, a wide range of activities also facilitate communication with various people and bring you more friends who are a precious asset in your social life.

        Balancing the two aspects properly enlightens you of your current top priority and definitely raises your efficiency at school. Otherwise, you will always feel confused about your way ahead.

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